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Hi Everyone,

My name is Margaret and I'm a teen who loves to cook and bake. I'm from Co. Cork in Ireland.

I started my new craze for cooking during Covid-19 Lockdown 1 in 2020.

When we got Hens 🐔 to keep us company we had lots of eggs available for baking. 

We also got a very naughty Kitten named Alice but that's another story🐈!

I'm starting this Blog because I love baking, cooking and eating (best part!).  

In this Blog, I will be posting my failures (often😭)  and successes.

I will be posting some of my favourite recipes and some healthy snacks. 

I'd like to do a special shout-out to my Mam who encouraged me to create this Blog.

She's also a Dentist, so I will also be trying to stay within the maximum recommended free sugar and fat levels and remember to brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste 😁.

But occasionally, if it's a special day, I might have to have a breakout! 

This blog is not just for girls, it's for boys too! I have three big brothers. 

The pictures might not look that fancy because this is a real kid baking. I'm working on taste first then presentation. My brothers will be doing the taste testing. They like to cook too so they may be posting on my Blog occasionally. I will also have Guest Blogs weekly. 

If you have any suggestions, please use the contact details or if you want to be a Guest Blogger. 

As I'm only 10 years of age, my Mam will be running this Blog with me, to make sure its safe for all us Kids.

Goodbye now. Margaret 

P.S. If you have any allergies please ask your mam and dad first. 

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 Thanks for your interest in Baking For Kids By Kids. If you are to contact me please be nice I'm only a kid. Also anyone who wishes to be a guest blogger please do contact me. 

Instagram @Bakingforkids Bykids

Facebook @Bakingforkids Bykids

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Healthy Tips

Folllow these tips to stay healthy

  • Don't go crazy with the sugar. Add less rather than more. Same with the butter and if possible don't add salt.

  • Don't eat too many 'bought in a shop treats and drinks'.  You're making your own treats!

  • Milk and plain water only as drinks

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste

  • Get out and exercise everyday

Some of the ingredients we use in baking can be unhealthy for your teeth and body especially if you eat too much of them. I'm
thinking particularly of added sugar (free sugars), fat and salt.
‘Free sugar' is the type of sugar that we are told we should eat less of, and includes the sugar that is added to food and drink, plus
sugar found in fruit juice, honey and syrups. Honey is sticky and yes if you eat too much of it, it can cause tooth decay.
The World Health Organisation recommends a maximum only of 25 grams of 'free sugars' per day for an normal adult even less if you are a young child! There are 6 people in my house, so my Mam has asked that I only use a maximum amount of sugar in all its forms in my baking, that's 25g × 6 = 150 grams but less is better.... and no sneaking other sugar in during the day, with other sweet treats or fizzy drinks or juice.
We mostly only drink plain water, milk, tea and adults sometimes coffee in my house but never add sugar. And watch out for all the hidden sugar in cereals, yogurts and other bought foods.
If you are eating something sweet the safest time to eat it for your teeth, is after your dinner or lunch (with a main meal rather than snacking) and remember to clean your teeth and gums twice a day using fluoride toothpaste.
Too much fat can also be unhealthy, so we need to look at ways of reducing it in our baking especially saturated fats.
We never add salt to any food in our house. We get enough of it, in any bought food like bread. If I make bread, I never add salt.
Part of being healthy is getting lots of exercise. Sometimes I feel lazy and don't want to go outside but we need to do it. That's why the adults in our family keep nagging us, as its good for our health and for theirs. My Mam says a good Mam is the one who says 'No' sometimes and nags constantly to us kids about getting off the electronics and getting outside for more exercise.
P.S. 'Nagging' is a term for 'annoying someone' and its what Irish Mammy's do all the time to us Irish kids!

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Want to be a guest blogger?

Follow the steps


Today I'm going to tell you how to be a guest blogger....

Step 1: Choose a recipe of your own.

Step 2: Type out your recipe.

Step 3: Email me at

Step 4: Please include a first name or a nickname.

Step 5: Copy and paste your recipe to your email.

Step 6: Then add your image of what your recipe is for.

Step 7: Press send.

Step 8: Check out your recipe on the blog in a few days.

Thanks for your interest.

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About Kids Proof?

Make them

In Kids Proof I make famous peoples recipes, make them so I can do the other tests. If you have a recipe that you would like me to do for kids proof email me with the link.

Taste and rate

I taste them and then rate them and share the results with you guys.

And see if they are easy for kids to make

I will give it a number and that shows how challenging the recipe is. See below.⇓

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What do all the numbers mean?

(For Kids Proof)

10 =  Super Simple

9 = Simple

8 + 7 = Easy enough 

6 = Easy

5 = Mildly Difficult

4 = Medium Difficulty

3 = Hard

2 = Hard enough

1 = Really Hard

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