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Cookie Cake

Hi guys,

Today I'm telling you guys how to make Cookie Cake! You may have seen that I said on my social media platform and in my blog that I I would share this recipe with you guys, so here it is. This recipe is great for a zoom bake meeting or video baking call with friends or family. As part of the Great Irish Bake for Crumlin and Temple Street, I made this on a Whatsapp call with my friend Eve who has done some guest blogs. She has great recipes and hopefully she will send me a few more recipes for the blog. Anyway lets get into the recipe.

Cookie Cake

1 cup (250g) butter,

1 cup white (granulated) sugar,

1 cup soft brown light sugar,

2 tsp pure vanilla extract,

2 large eggs,

3 cups of all purpose flour,

1 tsp baking soda,

1/2 tsp baking powder,

Chocolate chunks or chocolate chips, (as many as you want)

Add ingredients in the order above. But cream the butter and sugar together first. Bake in the oven for 30-40 mins.



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