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Guest Blog ~ Lemon Sandwich Cake

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Hi, everyone. This is Margaret’s brother Tomas. I lost a bet I made with Margaret, so I had to bake a cake for the bet. I decided to bake lemon cake. This is the recipe.

Lemon Sandwich Cake:

6oz butter or low fat spread

6oz caster sugar

9oz self-raising flour

3 eggs

2/3 lemons (unwaxed)

Butter Icing:

8 oz Icing sugar

4 oz Butter (don’t use a spreadable butter as the icing will be too runny)

Leftover Lemon juice and rind (unwaxed)

Firstly, cream the butter and the sugar. Then make a hole in the centre of the mixture and break the eggs into it. Beat slowly and add the flour. Now, after washing the skin of the lemons, use a grater to grate the rinds (the skin of the lemon) into your mixture. Now squeeze the lemons and add the lemon juice, beat mixture. Leave some lemon juice and rind for the icing. The amount of lemon you should use depends on how ‘lemony’ you want your cake. If your cake mix is very runny after adding the lemon juice, add more flour to the mixture and beat. Pour the mixture into two sandwich tins and put them in the oven for around an hour.

Icing: Put icing sugar and butter in a bowl. Add lemon rinds and juice from the lemons you set aside earlier. Mix them. Once the Lemon sandwich is cool.

Put one of the cake bases on a plate. Now put half of your icing on top of it. Flatten it and spread it out. Put the next base on top. Now put the rest of the icing on that base. Congratulations, your cake is done.

Tips - Do not add too much lemon juice or the icing will be runny. Do not use a spreadable butter for the icing either as this will also make the icing runny. I made this mistake. As a result, the icing dripped off the cake and the top half almost slided off the bottom half. But it did taste great. If the icing does end up too runny, add more icing sugar to stiffen the mix.


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