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How to make homemade Pizza

Yesterday I made homemade pizza. This is so yummy. If you can buy fresh ready made pizza bases, great, as it saves time. Sometimes we make our own pizza bread but this does take a bit longer. One of my Guest Bloggers will be sending me that recipe soon.

Anyway, lets get into this recipe

4 fresh ready made pizza bases

Sauce for 4 pizza bases (lots of hungry brothers in my house) - use only half ingredients if only for 2 bases

1 onion, 4 pieces of garlic, 1 small pepper, hand full of basil. Throw all into food processor and chop very finely. I chop very finely as one of my brothers doesn't like onions but if I chop finely, he doesn't seem to notice they are in the sauce! Add 1 pack of Tomato Passata (around 500mls). That's your sauce. You might have some left over and we use this in our house as a pasta sauce next day.

Spread sauce over pizza base, then sprinkle grated chedder cheese and then add your toppings. I used Mozzarella cheese, pineapple and spinach on ours.

Hard to say exact time it takes to cook. Anything from 15 to 30 mins depending on whether it is bought pizza base or homemade pizza base. Homemade takes longer. Make sure you preheat the oven if hungry. Only put the sauce on the base close to putting base in oven as if the sauce sits on the base too long outside the oven it can make the pizza base soggy.

Big question pineapple on a pizza? A sin or best topping ever? Me 🍍

Check out Caroline's guest blog, soon to be uploaded. You can use her dough recipe for your base.

Bye guys.

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