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My goslings (part 3)

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Hello everybody. Welcome back to my blog. In today's blog post I'll be doing my goslings part 3. In the past 2 months they have got huge. Just to show you how big, I have a video down below. Eating a lot more grass than they were when they were tiny. Their feathers have turned white now. While before they were yellow and they didn't have feathers they just had fluff. Anyway see for yourself down below because they are huge now. You will not believe your eyes. This is what they do every morning when they've been left out of their house. They like to stretch their wings. They may not look like goslings now and they're not officially adult geese till they're 2 years old. When they're fully grown they're 1 m tall. Not all breeds are this tall but this specific breed is very tall and they grow to be up to 1 m tall. So here's the video.


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