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Guest Blog ~ Omelette quesadilla

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Hi Guys today my brother Patrick is doing a guest blog. So over to Patrick.

I am always starving in the morning and I love making this breakfast as it is very filling and healthy. This is my version of a quesadilla. A quesadilla is a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla (I will call it a wrap) that is filled primarily with cheese. I’m going to fill mine with egg. This is like an omelette between 2 crispy wraps with flavouring.

Ingredients (for 2 or more people)

2 flour tortilla wraps

3 eggs beaten

Cheese – I used feta but you can use grated cheddar cheese or none.

Paste - You also need a paste to get the wrap to stick to the omelette – I used Red Pesto but you can also use tomato puree (could add a little chilli for flavour) or even tomato ketchup.

Herbs if you want - I used a teaspoon of fresh basil but you can use dried basil, garlic, garlic powder or nothing!

Tips -

It’s better if you have a non-stick frying pan but even then, the egg can stick to the pan and it can be hard to turn the dish over. If it sticks and you cannot get it off, tip the whole dish into a large plate and turn back over onto the frying pan.


Heat the frying pan up. May need a little oil.

Put 3 beaten eggs with basil (or other) into the frying pan. Should look like an omelette cooking. Turn down heat, you want to cook it but not burn it. Grate cheese on top or place feta cheese on top.

Get a wrap ready, place red pesto (or other) on one side. When the egg is nearly cooked, place the wrap on top pesto side down on the egg in the frying pan. Turn over the omelette wrap, so the wrap is now cooking. Turn down heat so the wrap won't burn. Get the second wrap ready and place on top of the egg mixture. When the wrap underneath is cooked, flip the dish over, so the other wrap gets cooked and is crispy but not burned! You might have to try a few times to get the non-burning part right. Turn onto a plate and cut in triangle pieces as you would with a pizza. A pizza cutter is good, if you have one. Enjoy and test out different flavours. I am going to try Refried Mexican beans on top of the eggs the next time!

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