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Team Ireland Cupcakes

Updated: May 16, 2021


Today I will show you how to make these Team Ireland Cupcakes! But first my class' progress is up so see it at Now just thinking I should've made these for Paddy's Day! Lets get into today's recipe.

Team Ireland Cupcakes


For the Cupcakes:

4oz of Demerara brown sugar,

4oz of unsalted butter,

6oz of plain flour,

3tsp of baking powder,

3tsp of Cinnamon,

2 eggs.

20g of raisins.

For the Icing:

40g of unsalted butter,

200g of icing sugar,

5tbsp of water,

4 drops of yellow food colouring,

4 drops of green food colouring.


For the Cupcakes.

  1. Preheat the oven to 180℃ (Gas mark 4, 356℉).

  2. Cream the butter and sugar until very pale.

  3. Add the flour, cinnamon, baking powder and eggs and beat till well combined.

  4. Add the raisins and fold them in.

  5. Put in cupcake cases on a cupcake tray.

  6. And bake in the oven for 2o mins.

  7. Then take then out and let cool.

For the icing

  1. Beat the Butter, sugar and water together for about 3 mins on high speed.

  2. Then divide into 3 bowls.

  3. Add the yellow food colouring to 1 bowl, Green to another and leave the last one white.

  4. When the Buns are cool get 3 spoons place 1 in each of the colour icings.

  5. With the spoons scoop some up and put on each bun put white in the middle, Green on the left and orange on the right.

Once that's done it should look like the picture down below.




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